Monday, July 28, 2014


Just got off of a conference call with the team I'll be working with in Peru. Bob Sjogren, the amazing disciple-maker extraordinaire, really has a way of cutting through to the heart of what matters.
We were doing some training and practicing using our Evangacubes to share the gospel when he said, "As we share and we misspeak and maybe fumble our way through, the most important thing is absolute dependence on the Holy Spirit."
That is my prayer tonight. As I lay down my weary head after a long but wonderful day. . .
Father God, help me to depend on you, trust in you and seek you. May the Holy Spirit light your path for me, God. In Jesus name, Amen.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sift this

Did you miss me??
No.  No.  You didn't.  
My mom is probs the only one who's going to read this, but still, I left you hanging when last I posted about my Persons of Peace Seeking Mission to NYC.
I have to post before I forget all the good stuff and won't be able to use this blog to help me write my Missions Memoir/Manifesto someday. :)
So....I think I'll share a few highlights and then some reflections on my first missions trip.
We went to a Hindu, Buddhist, and Sikh temples to learn about their beliefs so that we can figure out bridges from what they believe to the truth of Jesus.  The photo above is at the Sikh temple, the men there were so wonderful and friendly and warm.  I just think there's so much to learn from each other as students of the world and getting to know people is the best way to lead them to Christ. They were wonderful and would definitely love to get to know some Sikh people here in Massachusetts.
Sharon and I met some women at a salon and went there three days in a row to get henna and talk to them about God and about where they came from (Nepal and India). This is Mitu in the photo, the amazing henna artist.  We asked if we could pray (in Jesus' name) for their store and after the owner said we could and that we could pray inside.  Mitu then asked if she could pray with us (our biggest witnessing breakthrough up to that point) we excitedly told her, "Yes, of course!" 
We prayed together and talked about the gospel and the power of prayer and set her up with a long-term missionary, Linda, who will stay in contact with her and get her in a Bible Study with other new believers/seekers who speak the same language.
Pray for Mitu as she finds her way to the cross!  She is starting to believe because she prayed that she would be able to come to America and God answered her prayer.  She is on the cusp, on the verge, right on the edge of salvation.  I know that with a little prayer she will let her heart lead her to Jesus. 
This is Linda, the long-term NYC missionary, 
giving a henna tattoo to a Muslim woman in the park.  
We had two awesome afternoons in Travers Park doing a soccer camp/carnival 
for the children there and talking with their parents.
I had a blast making bracelets with these super cute kids and teaching them about Jesus' love for them. :) I felt so at home with these kids in New York City.  They were from all over the world, were of all different religions and families situations, and no matter are kids! They are fun and sweet and fresh and funny, just like the nuggets here! :)
 Another highlight was worshipping in this Nepali house church.  The man on the left is the owner of the shop who welcomes Christians into the upper room of his store where they meet and have hours of prayer and worship on the floor in their own language.  A church doesn't have to be a big white building with a steeple.  It just has to be a place where believers meet. :)
The guy on the right is Boto, an NYC missionary from India.  He brought us to the temples and taught us so much about other religions, cultures, and customs.  He is a really special person.  His love for Christ and for the people of South East Asia is palpable.  He is a person you are better for being around.  He's an ispiration and it was such a blessing to have him as a mentor even for a few days. 
In a stunning contrast to the house church, we attended the Tuesday night prayer and worship service at Brooklyn Tabernacle.  This came right in the middle of our grueling week and it was just the right time and place to be surrounded by other believers.  It felt like we were fighting for Christ in Jackson Heights and there was definitely an opressive vibe in some of the Hindu shops and places we ventured in JH.  It was just what we needed to sing praises with a few hundred zealous Christians. 

All in all, I have never learned more in a week before in my whole life!! 
I am four days bolder and four days braver as I seek to find my place in the mission field.
As I prepare for my trip to Peru, I am so grateful to have this amazing experience to build on and grow from.  The Holy Spirit is doing amazing things in the lives of people all over the world.  We can only hope and pray to serve Jesus as some small part of it.
Please pray for Mitu and all the people of Jackson Heights.  Pray for the nations.  The most important thing we can do is commit to fervent, constant, sincere prayer for the unreached and for the lost.

This week is VBS at my church.  My favorite week of the summer.  Can't wait to post some pics of the little local maniacs. :) God Bless! :)