Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Utmost for His Highest

I've been meaning to start this blog for a while...
I have had a couple of blogs before but I get behind on posting and lose steam and give up (a common tale in my life.  Yours too?)  But this time I'd like it to be a place to write about my heart for the nations and sharing God's love with people here in our hometowns and throughout the world.  Also a place to ask any of you Prayer Warriors (or maybe Future Prayer Warriors?) to pray for me as I pursue God's greatest glory (in a small but meaningful way) letting His name be praised in every tongue and by every ethne on this planet, and for many missionaries and mobilizers, and also for the unreached nations themselves.  It is a HUGE job.  That's why we have to take hands as God's people and commit to prayer.  It is the only way the Great Commission can ever be fulfilled. 

It was when I took an amazing discipleship course that teaches in fifteen weeks with fifteen instructors, that I (YOU!!) have an important place in God's plan to be worshipped by all nations.  
Perspectives changed my life.
I will be going on two missions trips this summer.  The first is next week (EEK!) in New York City with a group called  Global Gates, a group that ministers to unreached people groups who have come to NYC.  The whole idea is to take advantage of America drawing in so many diverse people and sharing the message of salvation with them here so that they might share it with other people within their culture. Pursuing

global impact through urban gateways.

The second trip I'm going on is to Cusco, Peru.  I will be there from August 5th-15th.  Both of these trips will be led by Perspectives lecturers.  You can definitely say I "drank the Perspectives Kool Aid." I am in.  Hook, line, and sinker.  I got certified to become a Coordinator for the class this past weekend and look forward to being a part of the awakening of many new students as their eyes are opened to their purpose and God's heart for the nations as it is woven through the whole Bible.

Think about that...
The greatest charity is not a hot meal, or a couch to sleep on, or even a kind word, or any amount of money.  They're all wonderful and important, but the greatest charity is sharing your love of Jesus with the world, one person at a time.
So....would you like to go on this journey with me??
All you have to do is commit to pray for the nations (and for me!!) :)

Why me? Well why not? I'll pray for you, too.  Comment me any prayer requests and I will pray and even share them (anonymously if you'd like).
Who am I??
I'm just a girl who came out the other side of some dark stuff (more to come on that...)
and has Jesus to thank.  I want to use my life thank Him.  I fail every single day.
But I will never stop striving to see God worshipeed.
My Life to the Fullest.
My Utmost for His Highest.  
My Life in return for His Amazing Grace. 


  1. Next Week! Yikes! I'll be praying like crazy! Love how God is working in you, Crystal.