Wednesday, June 25, 2014

People of Peace Seeking Mission

We are halfway through our Sifting Week in NYC.  We are spending our days in Jackson Heights in Queens which is the highest concentration of unreached people groups in New York City.  The people here are from Tibet, Pakistan, Nepal, India, and Bangladesh.  They are mostly Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, and Sikh.
We have been prayer walking and meeting people, learning about their culture, language, and beliefs...  
We have made some contacts and we've been sharing the gospel by being WITH the people, IN the people, and coming to them as learners.  
I can't wait to share in detail about the whole week, but we are so busy and just trying to discern the path the Holy Spirit is making for us.  Right now we are going to a salon where we met some women from Nepal and India yesterday.  They said we could pray for them and for their business, and then one of them asked if she could pray with us!! We are going back their today hoping to spend time with them and share the gospel with them.
This week is extraordinary.  Truly.  This experience is such a gift and I can only hope to pass on some of my joy in Christ with the people we meet. 
God Bless you!! :)

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  1. What an amazing adventure you are on! Crazy, isn't it, how many blessings you receive when you follow God's lead to bless others?!!!!